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Possible game review for our Summer issue

So a few days ago I went to gamestop and reserved Mortal Kombat. I also purchased Dead Space 2 and, while I was talking to my good friend and overlord, Davekun, I noticed this:

And I began drooling. It was a BIG box with cute moe-style girls all over it in shiny, complex-yet revealing, cyberpunk armor. So OF COURSE I bought it too! Yeah yeah, I know, it was otaku-bait, but I am pretty otaku unfortunately…

However, I also love a good game which thus far, Neptunia, hasn’t quite delivered. It is very pretty, and I think it depends too heavily on its “charm” to satisfy the player. The girls are all very cute, and it doesn’t take long at all for them to start talking about their breast-sizes (about five minutes into the game… I want to say it was actually the 4th or 5th dialogue box you see from starting the game.

It’s not difficult… but I kept getting that oh-s0-familiar “Cross Edge” feeling of “Uhm.. I’m not sure if I’m playing this game right… I haven’t died yet so I must be doing it right, but I’m not sure”  The combat, like a lot of other jrpgs, is centered around stringing combos together within a certain amount of ability points. Also healing is done automatically through the item’s ability… I apologize I cannot explain it any better since, I admit, I have little idea what that all means. But, again, two hours in and I haven’t died yet, so far so good…?

Btw, if you do pick up this game, PLEASE PUT ON THE JAPANESE! The dub is not something I recommend.

I do give points to Neptunia for its interesting concept. At the heart of the game are three goddesses, each one signifying a console. There’s one for Lowee (Wii), Leanbox (Xbox 360), and LastStation (playstation). Fittingly enough, the game begins with their victory over Neptune, who you control throughout the game in her goddess-less state (however, when certain conditions are met, she can become powerful during combat).
Of course Neptune is a not-so-subtle nod to Sega’s Neptune which was never released. There are other characters in the game that help out Neptune on her adventure, and each one signifies a specific company that helped this game.

So let’s see… interesting concept, very cute characters, but the linear and clumsy gameplay makes it a bit of a chore so far. Depending how much more I play of this, you may see a more complete analysis of it in the Summer issue.The goddess of Leanbox… Oh if only my Xbox 360 looked liked this… Please God, no “Red Ring.”

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