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To me everyday is Halloween…

With my stuff pretty much done for the Spring issue, I have began looking ahead and planning what I’ll do for future issues.  The weird thing is that I already have tons of ideas for the Fall issue, much more than the Summer edition.
For the fall I’m thinking about covering Shiki, and Level E.

Aliens and Vampires? …”Alien Vampires”? …Astrovamps?? I’m down with both.

I have had a lot of fun screening both titles, especially Shiki. It has been awhile since I’ve seen vampires portrayed in Japan THIS creepily. More details to come…

For my retrogaming bit I have been meaning to do a “Freddy VS Jason” special, covering the NES installments and comparing both titles. Already I’m going to come out and say it, the Nightmare on Elm St. game is much more fun to play. I usually get bored with the Friday the 13th shortly after killing Jason for the first time. I also would like to talk more about what a next-gen version of both games would look like. Lastly I would like to “convince” three other Senpai peoples to play the NOES game with me, since it supports 4 player via the NES Four Score multitap.

Four blades... one for each of us... *gulp* Not even the Powerglove can save us this time!

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