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Getting organized for upcoming Senpai & excitement

A few months ago my friend Dave and I had a conversation. It went something like this:

Dave: So we’re thinking about doing a magazine about anime, you want in? You know old games and stuff, and we could use that.

Me: … LOL!!! LOL!! Hahaha! Whew… *wipes tears from his eyes* Ah hahaha, good one!

Dave: Er.. I was being serious…

So I said “whatever” and joined the Senpai staff. Now the reason for my reaction was that anime has, obviously, been on a bit of a decline lately. It’s no longer the early 2000 anime boom, as much as we want it to be. Also magazines are so.. meh. The ONLY magazine I read regularly is TAPS paramagazine, I haven’t consulted a mag for anime or gaming news in YEARS.

A magazine is like the internet, only with an obvious slant, and you pay money for it. Why do that when I can just get news and entertaining views online for free from blogs, vlogs, and podcasts?

However, we must have done something right since I just got word that our mag is slowly going to start being carried at local retailers. Wow.. So I now realize that I need to get my ass in gear and bring my A-game. Granted, I’m fairly certain I’m not going to ever see a dime from this, and that’s fine, it’s partially a hobby, but if people are that interested in our magazine, I need to treat it like a job as well. So I recently got a huge dry-erase board which is now hanging over my computer.


My crappy handwriting notwithstanding, you can get an idea of how chaotic my life is lately, and how much I needed some organization. I’ve also began working with a daily schedule, where i can prescribe a certain amount of time for a game or anime. As you can see I’m still plugging away on Neptunia, and watching Level E.

No Marvel vs Capcom 3 for me today. I get angry too easily. My first online match was a bitter defeat, and I didn’t like that.. but it’s no big deal if I’m beaten by a better player. What was REALLY annoying me was that, yesterday, I kept fighting people online that seemingly had no idea how to play. Personally, I never take a game online unless I beat the single player on a harder difficulty. Once I do that, I feel like I have the basics down enough to hold my own… sadly some other players don’t share my feelings.

Look, Dante may be a cool character, but he is definitely not newb friendly at all. To play him you really need to know what you’re doing. If not, it just looks silly, and I facepalm. And EVERYONE’S using Dante… the game should be called Dante vs EVERYONE instead of Marvel vs Capcom.

Currently my team is X23, Morrigan, and Ryu, which is a bit of a switch from my old MvC2 team of Guile, Strider, and Gambit.

Whatever, the best VS game that capcom ever did is still Capcom vs SNK2.

Sadly I didn't win that arcade machine.



Sorry for this turning into a rant. The point of this post is my renewed dedication to do my best with Senpai Magazine, especially since I seem to be its harshest critic and even troll our management staff from time to time.

We’re still hammering out the March issue. I finished my stuff some time ago and am trying to help the others with their material. The issue’s theme? Magical girls! Namely Sailor Moon memories from us old guys. But there’s plenty of other good stuff in there too.

Love it/Hate it? Let me know, and thanks for reading my rambling post.

– Furry Senpai

  1. March 11, 2011 at 2:13 am

    It’s interesting to see this point of view. I can’t say fore sure if I agree or not, but it is something I will think about now.

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