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Other news from Japan… Cheetahmen?!

March 30, 2011 Leave a comment

A few days ago posted this article about Kyoto University banning its graduation tradition where the students cosplay. Personally, I LOVE this tradition, and see it as a symbolic last desperate grasp at childhood joy before they’re hurled out into the real world, and I don’t want to see it disappear. Besides, other schools have MUCH worse grad traditions.

Anyway what caught my attention was this picture:


My God… that’s Apollo!! Of the Cheetahmen!!! From ACTION 52!!!!



It completely blows my mind that there are people in Japan that not only are fans of the Cheetahmen, but are also willing to cosplay as one of them! And after I did a quick web search, it would seem that the Cheetahmen DO have a small cult following… and some “rule 34” goodness…murr >.>;; er anyway, this is just so cool!

And you know what else is even better?? A THIRD CHEETAHMEN GAME IS COMING OUT FOR XBOX LIVE! Thank you SuckerFreeGames for giving me a reason to play my xbox 360 again. I know that might sound sarcastic, but I’m not kidding, I haven’t touched it in months.

Check out their forums here!

Now if they just make a port of it for the Atari Jaguar then I’ll be really happy… actually my head would probably explode.

– Furry Senpai


In Defense of… WARRIOR

March 27, 2011 4 comments

As promised,  here’s my surprise. I will be talking about my memories with the infamous WARRIOR comic books and why I enjoy them so much.

I was debating whether or not to also talk about the WWF comic books about the Ultimate Warrior but those are really not nearly as “entertaining” as those from the man himself.

Now for those that don’t know, the Ultimate Warrior was one of the most popular champions of the World Wrestling Federation in the 90s. Aside from his use of steroids in the early 90s he has kept a pretty clean record (especially when compared to other wrestlers…HOKOGAN) and has done pretty well for himself. However he has always carried the reputation of being well… batshit insane. Read more…

Good News and Bad News about the Spring Issue

March 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Well… Good News everyone! One of our two magazine layout artists recently got married! Hurrayy!!!

At my wedding they better play Guile’s theme, it goes with everything!

After the wedding I'll go home and be a family man!

However that has left only one man left to do the layout for the WHOLE magazine. I hate to make excuses, but he is also the man in charge of everything and is also busy with scheduling interviews, legal stuff, and two jobs.

We all worked VERY hard on this issue, and I am proud of what I have done for it. Unfortunately, and here’s the bad news, laying it out has taken a bit longer than it should have. So the pdf version and the hard copy version are delayed.

Delayed >,<

Oh it WILL be done soon, and those that ordered the pdf and magazine versions will get them.

I really appreciate everyone who has supported us thus far. You guys have been awesome.

In the Spring issue I talk about:

Motion Control in gaming, then and now
The Console Wars and Strider
Review Togainu No Chi – Bloody Curs
Rant a bit on Spice and Wolf
Talk about Ucon at UCONN, and the legendary Doug “That Guy with the Glasses” Walker
And, by popular request, take a look back at Slayers
Again, I’m really proud of the work I put into this issue and really can’t wait to see it.

Sunday I’ll post a special surprise on this blog for everyone.

Thanks everyone,

– Furry Senpai

O Japan…

March 15, 2011 Leave a comment

At Senpai the mood has been bleak to say the least…  you know why.

You can donate through the New York Japan society here:

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When I was younger, and just getting into anime, Japan seemed like heaven on Earth. I know I’m not the only one to have felt this way, the tendency to put Japan on a pedestal is quite common among young American fans. But then it seemed to be true – EVERYTHING I liked seemed better in Japan back then. I was so innocent and firmly believed that any piece of animation from the Land of the Rising Sun was automatically better than anything made in the west.
This sentiment also included gaming, cars, cultural traditions, and even pro wrestling.

Although for wrestling, could you really blame me? In the mid 90s these two men were at their height:

Let’s compare 90s legends… One of these men is REAL AMERICAN, the other is Japanese. Both have considerable egos, both have been in trouble with the law, and both have held numerous titles around the world. However one is a walking joke, and the other still always spoken about with utmost respect. One holds the business in very high regard, and is credited for having an insanely high threshold for pain (even wrestled with a cracked skull a few times!). The other believes he made the business, and recently made newz for saying “Who cares how many fake titles you win?” Er that and for flashing his orange junk in front of his own daughter.

And martial arts too. I mean jeeze, compare the average karate blackbelt in America and Japan:

Ok ok I know now I’m being silly. I admit, Grandmaster Mas Oyama was much more than your average blackbelt, and would easily destroy Daniel-san. Nothing against wax-on, wax-off, but Mas Oyama is a martial arts icon and legend for a reason. However, I will say this… it is pretty ordinary in America to see teens (if not younger!) with backbelts, no?

Now let’s compare mid 90s gaming hardware…

Hehe alright alright, I’m sorry, I’m ranting again, back on topic…

In middle and high school I would spend most of my classtime daydreaming what it would be like to live in Japan. In my crazy-hormone mind I believed that, although I was hardly Mr. Poplularity in my lame American school, in Japan I would practically be the Fonz! Stupid Americans don’t understand me, but the Japanese, ah, they’d undoubtedly understand me and my fascination with the geeky side of their culture, everything from galge to dakimakura.

That or they’d snicker and affectionately dub me “otaku”

Of course I’ve smartened up over the years and realize that Japan is not utopia. Admittedly, it is pretty expensive and crowded. Also, I have calmed down in my fanboyishness and can admit that Dragon Ball Z is not quite on the same level of epicness as say Ben Hur, Patton, Godfather, or Lord of the Rings. I know my Middle School self would want to kill me for saying it, but it is a classic anime that’s meant primarily for kids, nothing more than that but definitely nothing less.

The point of all of this? Well, I’ve known for some time that Japan is not perfect. In fact, recently it has had more than its share of crises including terrorism and economic problems. Its history too is riddled with conflict, however if it’s one thing that has remained constant about Japan amidst the chaos is that it is incredibly resilient and capable of rebuilding itself better than it was.

The recent earthquake and nuclear catastrophe was a sobering reminder that Japan is not the heaven that I sometimes (despite losing my otaku-like innocence years ago) like to think it was.

Japan, and all of those who have been affected by this tragedy are in my prayers… and I hope this ends soon and the nation can rebuild itself stronger and better than before.

– Mike

I’m back

March 15, 2011 1 comment

Haven’t posted in some time, just getting over being sick. During that time I’ve recently discovered the wonders of Netflix, which was an instant must-have the second I saw episodes of Highlander the series, Crow Stairway to Heaven, and Kolchak the Night stalker. Also, to everyone that told me to watch Firefly because it’s amazing, they’re right it is. However I can’t get over how much Wash looks like Tim Heidecker.

While it’s not identical, with the right lighting and mess up Tim’s hair a bit… oh well, maybe it’s just me. Still a great show is a great show, and while Wash is a more than capable pilot, I wouldn’t mind Tim at the helm either.






Also I’ve finally jumped on the Dr. Who bandwagon. So far I am absolutely loving the 4th Doctor episodes, and really enjoy the late 70s-early 80s charm of the show. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since, if you’ve known me for a bit, you know all about  my love for the underrated series “Look Around You” and my fetish for vintage computers.

A Tandy 200 from 1984... Not gonna lie, a little bit aroused merely from looking at this picture














As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been able to watch both Highlander the series and Crow: Stairway to Heaven, both of which I thought were very underrated. I remember loving them both when I was younger, although I was always more of a Crow fan. Personally I think that would be a very interesting crossover, Crow and Highlander. If such a comic were made, I’d like to see Duncan and Eric fight side by side, although I can’t help but wonder which one would win if they were to fight… Both are virtually unkillable. I have to give the slight nod to Duncan since he’s the more experienced warrior… although it might not be readily obvious what Eric Draven’s weakness is. Anyone have any thoughts?

Since getting Netflix I’ve really just been wondering how necessary cable and such is, especially since I don’t watch it that much.

Well that’s about it… I’ve warmed up to Neptunia a little and recently broke down and got “Playstation Plus” so I can play the Mortal Komba demo. It’s good.. and I understand it’s just a demo, but on “expert” mode I’m able to completely destroy the computer but Mortal Kombat 2 on the Genesis, on Very Easy mode is still a challenge for me, especially the later stages. Hm.. go figure. *shrug*

I’m just praying a DLC alternate-costume pack shortly comes out so I can have Johnny Cage back in his MK1  bloodsport-esque fighting attire. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason, Johhny Cage’s outfit has progressively gotten more and more silly/douchey with each installment. Mk9’s version’s not bad… it definitely gets the message across that Cage is all about himself, but it still doesn’t look right to me.

Johnny Cage in Mk1... So badass

After dying a few times, this is Cage in Mk Armageddon... wtf

Mk9. Cage is an accomplished fighter... how does he not know how to tape his hands?! And those pants.. and is that tattoo necessary?? *groan* Ok ok I admit, at least it's not as silly as MKArmageddon.

That’s enough ranting for me today.

– Furry Senpai

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Standing on the edge of Summer

March 3, 2011 1 comment

Another section I’ll have in the Summer issue will be dedicated to Scifi Channel’s (before Syfy) “Summer of Anime” sometime in the mid 90s. As a kid I loved Scifi Channel’s “Saturday Anime” programming and through that I was exposed to a lot of classic titles.

One summer, for a whole week, they devoted their prime-time slots to airing anime, and while this may not sound special now, back then when anime (namely anime that called itself anime, and didn’t try to pretend it was just another American cartoon) on American tv was few and far between, it was incredible. The presentation, from what I remember, was pretty cool complete with a cute host named “Apollo Smile” (she was also the voice of Ulala in Space Channel 5… wonder what happened to her) who’d tell us young American fans interesting facts and tidbits about anime.



I really look forward to sharing more of my memories with you all in the upcoming issue!

– Furry Senpai



Our lovely host this Summer, Apollo Smile

Possible Summer look at: Rio – Rainbow Gate!

So I mentioned to my fellow writers, editors, and bossman that I’ll review Rio for the Summer issue. I’ve watched a few episodes and just had a sick feeling my stomach. The show itself is pretty light and fluffy… so I wasn’t sure why I was left feeling so upset. So I rewatched the first episode and it dawned on me, there’s absolutely NO brain nor heart in this anime.



Now if you know me, you know it is not my style to nitpick. If something was not meant to be over thought, I will not over think it. This is why I consider Street Fighter: The Movie (the REAL one, not that Chun-Li movie made a few years ago) to be one of the most fun films ever made, and why I can actually enjoy movies such as Alien Resurrection, Friday the 13th Part 4, Spiderman 3, Independence Day, and The Lost Boys sequels.

However, dumb anime is  dumb.. and as much as I try, I cannot give Rio: Rainbow Gate any mercy. First of all, in the first episode, by a conservative count, there are eight closeups of her ass, and about seven devoted to her chest. Look, I like women as much as the next guy, but I really don’t need to be reminded every two minutes that Rio has boobs. My memory isn’t great, but it isn’t nearly that bad.
Secondly, what casino on Earth would ever want a dealer that is so lucky, that customers are more likely to win when she’s in the room? That’s Rio’s claim to fame (and why she’s called the Goddess of Victory), that customers’ chances increase greatly when she’s around. I could see just how that would go in Vegas…

Boss: So Rio, do we have a problem?
Rio: No sir! Out of the thirty-seven gentlemen at my roulette table, thirty of them were big winners and won so much cash from our casino.


Rio: Isn’t that great?! Now they have more than enough money to put all of their kids through college!

Boss: *ahem* Look, about those customers-

Rio: Right! As you say, “anything for the customer!” Well, sadly seven of them didn’t win at my table… but I tracked each of them down and gave them just enough luck to hit the jackpot on the slots! So everybody won!


Rio: They don’t call me the Goddess of Victory for nothing! *giggle wink!* I plan on doubling the amount of winners tomorrow!

Boss: You’re fired.

Now I’ve only been to casinos in America (Foxwoods, Mohegan, Atlantic City and Vegas), but never in Japan. Perhaps in the land of the rising sun it’s different? I mean, in this anime poker looks less like a boring card game and more like an episode of Yugioh that was written by David Lynch.

I was just waiting for someone to say "Heart of the Cards"


This will be a fun review to say the least…

– Furry Senpai