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I’m back

Haven’t posted in some time, just getting over being sick. During that time I’ve recently discovered the wonders of Netflix, which was an instant must-have the second I saw episodes of Highlander the series, Crow Stairway to Heaven, and Kolchak the Night stalker. Also, to everyone that told me to watch Firefly because it’s amazing, they’re right it is. However I can’t get over how much Wash looks like Tim Heidecker.

While it’s not identical, with the right lighting and mess up Tim’s hair a bit… oh well, maybe it’s just me. Still a great show is a great show, and while Wash is a more than capable pilot, I wouldn’t mind Tim at the helm either.






Also I’ve finally jumped on the Dr. Who bandwagon. So far I am absolutely loving the 4th Doctor episodes, and really enjoy the late 70s-early 80s charm of the show. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since, if you’ve known me for a bit, you know all about  my love for the underrated series “Look Around You” and my fetish for vintage computers.

A Tandy 200 from 1984... Not gonna lie, a little bit aroused merely from looking at this picture














As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been able to watch both Highlander the series and Crow: Stairway to Heaven, both of which I thought were very underrated. I remember loving them both when I was younger, although I was always more of a Crow fan. Personally I think that would be a very interesting crossover, Crow and Highlander. If such a comic were made, I’d like to see Duncan and Eric fight side by side, although I can’t help but wonder which one would win if they were to fight… Both are virtually unkillable. I have to give the slight nod to Duncan since he’s the more experienced warrior… although it might not be readily obvious what Eric Draven’s weakness is. Anyone have any thoughts?

Since getting Netflix I’ve really just been wondering how necessary cable and such is, especially since I don’t watch it that much.

Well that’s about it… I’ve warmed up to Neptunia a little and recently broke down and got “Playstation Plus” so I can play the Mortal Komba demo. It’s good.. and I understand it’s just a demo, but on “expert” mode I’m able to completely destroy the computer but Mortal Kombat 2 on the Genesis, on Very Easy mode is still a challenge for me, especially the later stages. Hm.. go figure. *shrug*

I’m just praying a DLC alternate-costume pack shortly comes out so I can have Johnny Cage back in his MK1  bloodsport-esque fighting attire. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason, Johhny Cage’s outfit has progressively gotten more and more silly/douchey with each installment. Mk9’s version’s not bad… it definitely gets the message across that Cage is all about himself, but it still doesn’t look right to me.

Johnny Cage in Mk1... So badass

After dying a few times, this is Cage in Mk Armageddon... wtf

Mk9. Cage is an accomplished fighter... how does he not know how to tape his hands?! And those pants.. and is that tattoo necessary?? *groan* Ok ok I admit, at least it's not as silly as MKArmageddon.

That’s enough ranting for me today.

– Furry Senpai

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