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Good News and Bad News about the Spring Issue

Well… Good News everyone! One of our two magazine layout artists recently got married! Hurrayy!!!

At my wedding they better play Guile’s theme, it goes with everything!

After the wedding I'll go home and be a family man!

However that has left only one man left to do the layout for the WHOLE magazine. I hate to make excuses, but he is also the man in charge of everything and is also busy with scheduling interviews, legal stuff, and two jobs.

We all worked VERY hard on this issue, and I am proud of what I have done for it. Unfortunately, and here’s the bad news, laying it out has taken a bit longer than it should have. So the pdf version and the hard copy version are delayed.

Delayed >,<

Oh it WILL be done soon, and those that ordered the pdf and magazine versions will get them.

I really appreciate everyone who has supported us thus far. You guys have been awesome.

In the Spring issue I talk about:

Motion Control in gaming, then and now
The Console Wars and Strider
Review Togainu No Chi – Bloody Curs
Rant a bit on Spice and Wolf
Talk about Ucon at UCONN, and the legendary Doug “That Guy with the Glasses” Walker
And, by popular request, take a look back at Slayers
Again, I’m really proud of the work I put into this issue and really can’t wait to see it.

Sunday I’ll post a special surprise on this blog for everyone.

Thanks everyone,

– Furry Senpai

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