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Other news from Japan… Cheetahmen?!

A few days ago Kotaku.com posted this article about Kyoto University banning its graduation tradition where the students cosplay. Personally, I LOVE this tradition, and see it as a symbolic last desperate grasp at childhood joy before they’re hurled out into the real world, and I don’t want to see it disappear. Besides, other schools have MUCH worse grad traditions.

Anyway what caught my attention was this picture:


My God… that’s Apollo!! Of the Cheetahmen!!! From ACTION 52!!!!



It completely blows my mind that there are people in Japan that not only are fans of the Cheetahmen, but are also willing to cosplay as one of them! And after I did a quick web search, it would seem that the Cheetahmen DO have a small cult following… and some “rule 34” goodness…murr >.>;; er anyway, this is just so cool!

And you know what else is even better?? A THIRD CHEETAHMEN GAME IS COMING OUT FOR XBOX LIVE! Thank you SuckerFreeGames for giving me a reason to play my xbox 360 again. I know that might sound sarcastic, but I’m not kidding, I haven’t touched it in months.

Check out their forums here!

Now if they just make a port of it for the Atari Jaguar then I’ll be really happy… actually my head would probably explode.

– Furry Senpai

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