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In Defense of…. Sewer Shark

April 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Sewer Shark:

Graphics: 7/10 – Dated by at the time it was something we have not seen before. Compared to other FMV titles like Ground Zero Texas and Prize Fighter, the FMV quality was pretty good.  As I mentioned in the video there was a version for the 3DO with better looking visuals, but the Sega CD version has glowing green crosshairs over most of the enemies, which helps the player to aim.

Sound&Music: 6/10 – The clarity of the music, voices, and sfx are cd-quality, which was also something that was new to gamers back then. However there really isn’t a lot of music in the game, and while I actually like the songs in Sewer Shark I can definitely see how, over time, they can get annoying.

Gameplay: 6/10 Very straightforward and fun, once you get the hang of it. However, I should mention that the instruction manual incorrectly describes how to turn the craft. It says that the player needs to hit the d-pad in that direction, then hit the B button. This will lead to a lot of fiery crashes… the correct way is that when a turn is coming up, the player needs to push the d-pad in that direction AND the B Button AT THE SAME TIME.

Throughout the game you simply need to follow your co-pilot’s directions while shooting what’s in front of you, fairly simple. However, at certain moments you will need to fire a special flare to ignite the flammable hydrogen ahead of your craft when needed. You’ll know when by the meter on the bottom of the screen and by Ghost, your co-pilot, telling you to.

Also watch your energy level. You can conserve energy by being conservative with your fire, especially at the start of the game. Also take advantage of recharge stations.

And that’s really all there is to it…  Again, it would have been nice to have a section where you are in combat against another pilot. Also, in the middle of the game, Ghost brags about how he just totally pimped your craft (The Hole Hawg), but when you climb back inside you realize it’s exactly the same as before. C’mon, at least make your targeting crosshair a little bigger, or an extra turret, or even a new paint job inside, anything!

Still it is very inexpensive on ebay, I’ve seen it for $1-$5 bucks. It’s a nice piece of gaming history, challenging but not overly tough, and the acting is delightfully over the top.

Highly recommended, if you have a Sega CD, you probably have this game. If not, what are you waiting for Dog Meat? SHOOT THE TUBES!

– Furry Senpai


Tired of that 8bit Otaku USA magazine?

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