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Been sick, Summer Issue newz, MORTAL KOMBAT!! (again?!), Sony craziness, and feeling old

Hey everyone!

Unfortunately it seems my next vlog is going to take a little longer than I hoped. I wanted to have it done by this sunday, but I’ve been really sick lately and, as you can tell, am a bit of a noob when it comes to video editing. I want this next video to be better and going to take my time getting used to the software.

If you hadn’t guessed already the game I’m going to cover is Bug Blasters: The Exterminators.

And I wasn’t kidding, I really really really don’t like this game. Yes, E.T for me is not THAT terrible, I can give it some slack since it was an Atari 2600 game. Granted the 2600 has plenty of great titles in its library, but there’s also a lot of unplayable (much of which really is unplayable) trash in there too. Compared to the absolute worst of the 2600, ET really is not that  bad. I will admit it was probably one of the most DISAPPOINTING titles to ever come out for the 2600, but that’s a subject for another time.

We recently finished writing up the content for the Summer issue, here’s what I’ve done:

Reviewed Hyperdimension Neptunia and Rio (kill me…)

Ranted about MvC3 and the do’s and don’ts of DLC

Had a look back at Paranoia Agent and highlights from the career of Mr. Satoshi Kon.

Also took at look back at SciFi Channel’s anime programming in the mid 90s. What “Toonami” is to younger fans, SciFi Channel’s “Saturday Anime” is for me.

Now Mortal Kombat recently came out and it’s so good. I LOVE the story in it, as it pretty much fixes the issues I had with the original storyline. I loved the game so much that within a week I completed the Challenge Tower…

Then this happened:

Credit and love to Penny Arcade for this pic

 On April 21 I tried to take my kombat skills online, but couldn’t due to the PSN network being down. Now without spending too much time on it, what happened was that someone hacked PSN and Sony shut down their online service.
As of today, it is still done although according to the official Playstation blog the updates service is in the final “testing stages.”

They promise to be boosting their security and will enroll its users in a policy that will protect them up to $1 million in identify theft costs. Also free PSN plus for a month (I think) plus some other goodies.

This is all great stuff but a few days ago I traded in my ps3 for an xbox 360, and don’t regret it.

Now I’ve heard it all before from Sony fanboys that:

“This isn’t Sony’s fault!”

“Don’t be a fair-weather fan!”

“Sony will make it up to us with better a better Network, although they really don’t owe us anything since it’s free! Keeping your identity safe is mainly you’re responsibility afterall!”

But here’s the thing, this was the LAST STRAW in my disappointment (not anger) with Sony:

– I really just got my ps3 for its JRPGS, but if you’ve been reading our magazine or my blog lately you can guess how underwhelmed I’ve felt with games like Neptunia, Ar Tonelico, Cross Edge, etc

– I really don’t care for Killzone nor God of War. Killzone 1 was crap, and the 2nd one was really mediocre. I mean it looked very nice, but the gameplay was just so uninspired. To be fair, I only played the 3rd God of War, but I was expecting a lot more. It’s just not my type of game… I mean again, it looked very nice and the boss battles were pretty epic, but the other 80% of the game was made up of bland puzzles and even blander hacking and slashing. *yawn*

– The PSP was a very nice handheld and capable of a lot of really great things. I also LOVE its library of games, and really, I prefer it over the DS by a lot. However, I feel like Sony did not market it properly at all, nor take full advantage of its capabilities. For example, with the ps3 there was a feature on the psp called “remote play” which would allow your psp to “communicate” with your ps3 and they could sync and do… stuff. Really, it just allows you to play some downloadable titles on your psp… and that’s it. When I first heard about it, I thought it’d be similar to how the Dreamcast would use its VMUs, but only a  thousand times better. Sadly, that wasn’t the case… Why wasn’t this feature expanded upon?!

– The PSP Go was a total fail.

– The Move isn’t moving… and getting its ass kicked by the Kinect.

– Xbox live is much better than PSN. Yes yes I know PSN is “free” (although I had playstation plus..) but still. Pay for a premium online service, or have one for free that sucks…

– The CONSTANT firmware updates. For what?! Security?!! And I can attest to the fact that loading/installation times are MUCH shorter on the 360 than ps3.

– And now this happens!

So I can’t wait for PSN to come back so I can cancel my account. If you’re happy with what’s Sony’s been offering lately, alright more power to you, I can’t hate too harshly when my favorite system of all time is the Jag.

So with my new 360 I bought Mortal Kombat (again) and beat the Challenge Tower (again) so I can play as a nearly-naked Mileena (again!)

Oh, and speaking of Sony… and here’s where I start to feel old. I seem to recall another system that claimed to do more than the competition and retailed around $600 when it launched. It also had some very got exclusives along with tons of crap…

Well.. that’s nod too bad. I do kinda LIKE the 3DO.

– Furry Senpai Mikekun

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