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Duke Nukem Forever… Fail to the king baby?

June 20, 2011 1 comment

Duke Nukem… then

I can take a bad game and still have fun. My tolerance for crap is pretty strong compared to most people. Bad games don’t really hurt me… not nearly as much as disappointing movies and games like Duke Nukem Forever. Read more…


LA Noire rant

So far my nomination for Furry Senpai Game of the Year is Portal 2… but this game came really close to challenging that nomination. It is still a quality title, but it shoots itself in the foot with questionable plot turns and an interrogation system that doesn’t feel nearly as intuitive/flexible as it should be.


Read more…

Newz about the blog, vlog, and Summer Issue

Hey everyone,

I know my promised VLOG about Bug Hunters is taking awhile. I’ll be honest… Going into it, I thought it would be relatively easy to make a decent Vlog. You just turn on your cam and talk as if you’re talking to a buddy, not hard right? Well I was wrong, it is A LOT harder than people like Doug Walker and those at sites like and make it appear. Just getting a clean take without a “uhm” or “uhh..” was tough, especially since I have a slight stutter when I am talking about something I like. It is especially difficult f you didn’t go to school for film and even the most basic functions of Windows Movie Maker seem odd. However, I am a man of my word, and it IS coming.

Speaking of learning tech, I recently got a graphics tablet. Since I was in highschool I always enjoyed drawing, but I get easily frustrated dealing with different pencils, papers, erasers etc. Drawing digitally addresses a lot of my issues with doing it “old-school” but again, I’m still learning.  ”

Now just a head’s up to Senpai Subscribers
After a talk with teh boss, I will have two pseudonyms in future issues. Just know that “Mike” is the same guy as “Furry Senpai Mikekun” with “Furry Senpai Mikekun” being attached to my opinion columns , and reviews/reports will be under my normal non-furry Mike name.

I’ve also been promoted…. yay… So now I’m also an editor too for Senpai Magazine. So this means my written workload will decrease, but the quality will improve.

Right now we’re putting the finishing touches on the summer issue.

And I’m really proud of what I put into it:

– Scifi Channel and the pre-toonami Anime scene… in America
– A look back at Paranoia Agent

– Hyperdimension Neptunia Review
– Marvel vs Capcom rant

– and Rio… ok , maybe not too proud of that one.

– Furry Senpai Mikekun