Well I’ll be at Connecticon this weekend! We’ll try to sell some magazines and are going to have a lot of fun!

Sadly I won’t be in cosplay very much. I just simply didn’t have the time/money/energy to do anything. Yes, I could go as a colonial marine, as I have in previous years, but lugging that gear around is a real pain. And it isn’t worth the hassle – Last year I made sure to get my gear checked and tagged as soon as I checked in, but every five minutes I kept getting stopped by security because of the resin orange-tipped pulse rifle. I COMPLETELY understand safety, so much so that I actually broke the one working part on the gun (the ammo counter) since the switch was technically a “moving part” before the con. In hindsight it was a little extreme I guess, and even that extra precaution wasn’t enough to keep security off my tail.

In previous cons, and at Cconn the year before, it wasn’t an issue. But last year the same gear got me checked TWELVE times on Sunday alone! Still, one security guy was pretty cool and stopped me for a chin-wag and picture.

However I will be bringing my tail and ears, and  am looking forward to meeting the growing number of fellow furries at Ccon! Two years ago I admitted that the rumors were true that I am a furry, and participated in a spontaneous Furry Parade in front of all my surprised friends.

FURRY PARADE 2009: That's me in the far right, dressed in black from my Vampire:Masquerade cosplay. I was LARPING a malkavian so the ears weren't THAT out of place... right?

 Funny story actually. I think this picture is from that Sunday, but the day before another spontaneous Furry Parade was attempted with little success. I saw a few furs marching on by in front of myself and my buddy Duke. We were both dressed in military gear – me as a colonial marine and him as Solid Snake, and he turns to me and comments “Huh.. Furries, man I just don’t get them…” To which I replied “Yeah, me neither… er, back in a sec!” and I hurriedly pulled out a pair of fox ears from my gear bag and joined the procession. And the secret was finally out.

The parade of 2010, while large, did not go nearly as well since the hotel staff sorta got weirded out by our furry marching and threatened to kick us all out. So yeah, while last year was really fun, it did have some sore spots for me with this and the constant weapon checking.

Fortunately this year there will be an organized parade that’s been approved by con staff. Yay!  Thanks Connecticon for being cool and doing that for us!

Speaking of events, there’s so much awesome stuff lined up! So much so that I’m afraid that I’ll miss much of it due to magazine business. Work is lame >,<!

Anyway, here’s what panels I’ll definitely try to make time for:

“You can play this!: Import Gaming on Domestic Consoles”

“Games as Mind Control” I really hope they talk about the enigmatic government-run mind-controlling Polybius arcade.

“You got Lovecraft in my Peanut Butter”

“It’s always sunny in Neo Tokyo: An Akira Discussion” (It was either this or “Tales of the Time Lords” which is RIGHT AT THE SAME TIME! >,<!! So I’m going with the Akira panel, since I adore the cyberpunk scenery of Neo Tokyo)

and of course “Anthropomorphic Art”

For much of the con though I’ll be in artist’s alley selling the latest and greatest Senpai Magazine. If you see me feel free to give me food, chat, and give me good.

Looking Forward to seeing everything there!

– Furry Senpai Mikekun

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