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Back from Connecticon 2011!

Hey everyone, I’m back from Connecticon 2011!

ConnectiCon Logo

I spent much of the con in the Artist Colony, but I did manage to have some fun!


With my buddy Duke (Youtube him under “Duke009”) I got to interview Jon St. John (voice of Duke Nukem) and Carlos Ferro! (voice of Dom in Gears of War saga) The full interviews should be in the Fall Issue, but both men are extremely proud of their gaming roles, and are both A LOT of fun to talk to. This was actually my first interview ever, and needless to say I was a little star-struck meeting both of them.

Yes yes I know I ripped Duke Nukem Forever a new one in my review, and what I said are my honest feelings about the game. However talking about DNF with Mr. St. John really made me think about the game again. Perhaps I was too harsh on it? I would be lying if I said I didn’t have ANY fun playing it afterall. Admittedly, there were a few really cool moments… Perhaps I will make a “Second Opinion” about the game, as I discuss the points that Jon St. John made.

Mr. Ferro also had a unique perspective of the GoW saga and his character that never quite occurred to me. I will describe that all more in detail when I transcribe the interview in the coming issue, and am now even more excited about the third game!


In my previous post I discussed the Furry Parades of Ccon’s past. On Saturday we had an organized march with con approval. It went really well, and I got to meet a number of other furs. Unfortunately I don’t have many good pictures of it since I was busy marching, however I believe some of my friends were there to take pictures of it, so we should have plenty more material for the Fall issue.

Tandom the Fox (right) and DJ Frost (left) The Masterminds of the Furry Parade!

A little later I went on a bit of a spending spree, and got a bunch of great Sonic the Hedgehog plushies and some games. I also got to meet C.J. Henderson, a legendary horror/scifi writer who has given renewed life to one of my childhood heroes Kolchak the Nightstalker in the form of a new novel and comics. After a quick chin-wag he happily signed my copy of Kolchak: The Nightstalker – The Lovecraftian Horror. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make his panel this year, but I was there last year and HIGHLY recommend his work http://www.cjhenderson.com

DAY 3: Anthropomorphic Art Panel!
Unfortunately much of my Sunday was spent at the table. However I did manage to make the Anthro Art panel which was really informative.  I got to meet some of the panel’s hosts and had a really great time.

Overall… eh, some issues prevented me from having as good of a time as I would have liked. Our hotel not being at the convention center, frequently going without eating, sleeping terribly, etc etc the usual baggage that comes with working at a con.

However the moments mentioned here and some others really helped make this Connecticon special. Besides, I prefer to focus on the positive and I can honestly say that everyone at the Senpai table truly busted their asses. I do troll him a bit, but when push came to shove, our overlord Dave hauled ass to try to make things work, and I give so much credit to our “Rin Izaki” for posting live from Ccon! It was a bit of a hectic weekend,how she found time to do this I don’t know, but check it out!  http://senpaimagazine.com/blog/ to see the main events of the weekend.  And again, much credit to my buddy Duke for helping me record the interviews, check him out on Youtube at Duke009 and check out this trailer:

– Furry Senpai Mikekun

  1. July 22, 2011 at 5:53 am

    Thanks for coming to the Parade this year 🙂 I read your other post about the parade, and how you never told anyone that you were furry until you saw us. I glad we could help out 🙂 I like your site you have here. Its very informative. We will indeed be holding the parade next year, and hopefully it will be later in the day (this year the con staff forced me to run it in the morning which wasn’t to bad, but a lot of furs missed out, and I feel alittle bad they didn’t get to parade with us.) If you need any info about us, or about next years plans, you can message me anytime.

    See you next year ❤

    ~Tandom the Fox~

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