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Rethinking Duke Nukem Forever? Preview of upcoming Fall issue!

Hey everyone. Previously I sorta ripped Duke Nukem Forever a new one. Honestly, when I sat down to type up my thoughts on the game, I didn’t realize how much I hated it. Prior to typing I thought the game was “so-so” but once I started writing nothing but hate seemed to come from my paws to the screen.
 I stick by most of what I said, but I have had some second thoughts lately. At Connecticon I had the privilege to speak with Jon St. John, the voice of Duke, about the game. I was expecting him to put up his hands and say something like “Hey man, I just do voice work, I cannot speak for the quality of the game.” However, that was not the case. To my surprise, he appeared proud of the game, and ardently defended it against criticism. He believes, and I agree, that a lot of reviewers unfairly compared it to Call of Duty, which it was never meant to be.

Hail to the King baby. Jon St. John himself.

When asked what he’d change about the game he replied he’d like the ability to cheat, and to carry all of the guns in the game. I agree with the latter, but to cheat? He clarified that he sorely missed the cheat from DN3D that allows one to walk through walls and bypass puzzles. He was also frustrated with the underwater part of the Hoover Dam level.  He couldn’t comment on the loading time issues since he plays DNF on a pc.

I found it funny that without doing so, he more or less highlighted the issues I, and many others, have with this game. Firstly, I don’t want a fps like Call of Duty, all I want is just constant alien ass kicking, and stupid puzzles get in the way of that. If there was a cheat to just go right through doors and bypass the “stupid valve puzzles” then the pace of the game would feel a bit more like the experience gamers expected, instead of a lame Half Life 2 clone. Granted, it’d be a cheat, but at least the fun won’t be interrupted by wasting time stacking barrels and fiddling with knobs.

As for the underwater part… ugh. Look, if I’m making DNF I’d want to know “Ok, what do all of our hungry DN fans want in this game?” I don’t think I’d come to the conclusion “YES! UNDERWATER LEVEL! BRILLIANT! And let’s keep it towards the end of the game to really conclude the thing with a bang!” If it’s one thing gamers universally dread it is underwater segments for a number of reasons. Granted, they were there the first time around in 3d, but there was scuba gear to help players out. This time the underwater combat feels like a STEP DOWN from DN3d in that respect.

And yes, the loading times are a pain for us poor console gamers.

Again though, I cannot say enough about how talented Jon St. John is, and after our interviewer I said to my friend Rob aka Duke009 “Hey… I kinda want to buy Duke Nukem Forever again” because he just sounded to enthusiastic about it. He firmly believes this is Duke doing what he does best, and while I don’t exactly agree, I will admit that it is very cool talking with someone like him. As for second thoughts about DNF, well it isn’t TERRIBLE, but I think most of my hate for the title stems not directly from it being bad so much as it was disappointing.

Anyway, look for the full Senpai interview with Jon St. John AND Carlos Ferro (voice of Dom Santiago in Gears of War… damn was he AWESOME to talk with too) in the upcoming Fall issue!

– Furry Senpai Mikekun

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