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Making a magazine is freaking hard!

Hey everyone,

When we started Senpai magazine, it was $18 a pop! I mean our magazine is awesome… and I’d tell you how good it is compared to our competition but I almost got us into trouble with my last rant… let’s just say I believe in our mag, but 18 bucks is just too much.

Lately we’ve been able to provide a cheaper option, our mag for ten bucks. To keep it at that rate, we need to print in bulk, but that takes money, which we sorely lack this early in our company’s life (we’ve only been around for a year)

To help get issues to people at a more reasonable cost, we started a Kickstarter account. If you have any interest in the stuff I rant/rave about here (old school anime/gaming/etc) then please check it out. Check out our video which introduces the different people behind the magazine and, if you’re so inclined, feel free to back us.

We are giving away prizes for different amounts of backers. Even if you only pledge $1, you will get an honorable mention in an upcoming issue, and a special thank you!

I understand times are VERY tough right now, and all I ask is that you just watch the video, enjoy, and maybe tell a friend about the quirky alternative to the mainstream that’s known as “Senpai Magazine”

– Furry Senpai Mikekun

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