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Review: Vampire Hunter D (the Game)

September 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Hi everyone,

The Fall issue of Senpai Magazine will be out very shortly. Originally, I was going to review Vampire Hunter D, Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, and Vampire Hunter D the game. However, due to the spatial limitations of the magazine, the game review was cut. However, you can still read my thoughts about the two classic anime titles in the coming issue, and read my game review right here!

I remember enjoying Vampire Hunter D a lot when I was younger, and I still pop it in every Halloween season for a nostalgic playthrough. However, I must admit that this mediocre 3rd person adventure game has too many flaws to firmly stand on its own. Read more…


Review: Platinum #1

September 30, 2011 2 comments

Hi everyone,

Remember how much I ranted and raved about the artwork in Chakan the Forever Man?  Those familiar with the comic typically share the same appreciation for Robert Kraus’s knack for drawing incredibly detailed stories in black and white. In RAK #1 when asked why Kraus prefers the black and white touch, he claimed that he’s “always been amazed by the old etchers and engravers like Gustave Dore and Durer and all those people who etched, engraved and did woodcuts, etc…these guys put so much time into their stuff. It looks so tooled… I like details, (it) shows in the artwork; highly detailed black and whites.”

He does mention that he’s comfortable working in all mediums, but prefers the detailed black and white approach.

That was 1993…. fast forward to 1998 with Platinum #1 “The Worlds First and Only Photorealistic 3d Comic Book!”

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See? It says so right on the cover! And wow… what a cover… well, at least it’s not overly cluttered. On the right is Chakan… in color… and in “3d”… *sigh*

That alone should have been enough to turn me away, but at least he’s not in this mess for long. Oh no, the Forever Man, plays second fiddle to Platinum (left), a being made up of thousands of souls encased in a solid humanoid metallic shell, and Tammy Parks (bottom middle) a former Penthouse pet, and currently a porn star. She’s also a real person, and starred in such classics as “Titanic 2000” (the one with vampires) and “Attack of the 60ft Centerfolds,” although the comic calls it “Attack of the 50ft Centerfold.” The comic also mentions on the inside cover that this movie is a favorite of the Komodo Comics staff…. Ohhh so that’s why she’s in this, and apparently this is the only comic Komodo Comics ever produced…

…This is gonna suck… Read more…

Review: Chakan the Forever Man #1

September 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Hi everyone!

The other day I was at the comic store and was asked by another patron what I’m currently reading. I told him that I’ve been loving Rachel Rising (review coming VERY soon) and been enjoying the mindless fun of the current Duke Nukem Glorious Bastard comics. After describing what Rachel Rising was, he recommended some Marvel titles to me, to which I replied that I simply was not interested.

It’s not that I hate Marvel comics, on the contrary I’m a HUGE Punisher and Nightcrawler (is he still dead?) fan. My problem with Marvel is its fragmented storytelling, which is nothing new. I’m a firm believer in keeping it simple, and gradually developing the story towards some goal. Granted, that kind of focused story-telling is nearly impossible in the vast Marvel universe, and it’s an issue the industry has attempted to tackle through numerous reboots and spinoffs that have just resulted in more consumer confusion.

Also, I have a strong distaste for the “over produced” look of many current comics. I’m not saying they’re “ugly,” but when I see some of these current-gen comics with all sorts of fancy computer-generated colors and shapes, it produces a kind of visual over-saturation. In other words, if everything is made to look so incredibly eye-popping, nothing really sticks out, which culminates in a rather bland visual experience. The simplest remedy to this is rather old-school: carefully detailed black and white art.
This is a large part of the reason why I hold Chakan the Forever Man in such high regard.

Read more…

September updates: Ranting on Record of Agarest War and Syndicate

September 15, 2011 1 comment

Hey everyone,

In my last post I mentioned I would be reviewing Chakan: The Forever Man the graphic novel. I still intend to do that, although after writing the game review, I noticed I more or less hit on the major points of the story. So the review, when it comes, will be pretty short.

Record of Agarest War

Now as for game reviews… a few months ago I picked up Record of Agarest War: Zero to play when I finished the first game, Record of Agarest War. My plan was to complete and review both games over the summer, but that hasn’t happened yet… I actually haven’t even played Zero yet since I’m still on Record of Agarest War.  Read more…

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Chakan: The Forever Man (Sega Genesis) – Review

September 5, 2011 5 comments

Several months ago I purchased Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection for the 360 and was pleasantly impressed with the included titles. Kid Chameleon, Comix Zone, and numerous other titles from my childhood, but one title seemed to be forgotten…

And I can happily say that this game (and comic, more on that in a future review) has withstood the test of time and is very much an unsung classic. I will warn you now, this review has plenty of spoilers, but to adequately explain why I love this game and character so much, I need to talk about the game in detail. By giving things away, I don’t think it will necessarily ruin the experience for a new player, but rather help clarify why this game was so original and fun to play.

Also the game has been out for nearly two decades, if you haven’t played it yet, do it. Read more…