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September updates: Ranting on Record of Agarest War and Syndicate

Hey everyone,

In my last post I mentioned I would be reviewing Chakan: The Forever Man the graphic novel. I still intend to do that, although after writing the game review, I noticed I more or less hit on the major points of the story. So the review, when it comes, will be pretty short.

Record of Agarest War

Now as for game reviews… a few months ago I picked up Record of Agarest War: Zero to play when I finished the first game, Record of Agarest War. My plan was to complete and review both games over the summer, but that hasn’t happened yet… I actually haven’t even played Zero yet since I’m still on Record of Agarest War. 

And to be honest… uhm, it’s an acceptable jprg that REALLY gets old.  The premise sounds interesting enough, good vs evil over the span of five generations. At the end of every generation you choose a bride (alla ‘dating-sim’ dialogue options) and make a new hero for the next generation to continue the war against evil. So yes, the game is VERY long, but that isn’t my problem. In fact, I’ll say that everything works pretty well (except for the gear crafting… more on that in the actual review), and you will probably enjoy the first generation… then you get to do it again in the next generation…and again… and again… and again… environments, enemies, and locations are all constantly reused. There are plenty of new characters to meet in the different generations, but that’s not enough to keep the experience feeling fresh.

The back of the box promises the game to be a “cornucopia of debauchery” but make no mistake about it, this is NO Duke Nukem. Actually, this game is disappointingly tame, titles like Ar Tonelico Qoga, and Neptunia blow this out of the water in terms of fanservice. What fanservice it does have is too few and far between. The most overt of it appears in the art the player unlocks during the game, which happens maybe three times per generation.

I didn't see this until late in the fourth generation... and it was not worth it!

Thankfully, Zero is only two generations (I think).


Yeah, you’ve probably heard the news by now, they’re remaking the classic cyberpunk strategy game Syndicate, and it will be an FPS… another first person shooter.

Now to be clear, I’m NOT entirely down on this idea. As long as it maintains the right atmosphere and mechanics from the original game  such as the different drugs for adrenaline, perception, and intelligence, and the ability to brainwash civilians to help me fight rival syndicates.

Yeah… I remember saying something similar when I heard they were remaking Shadowrun into an FPS… not a good memory.

However, I will admit that I am disappointed. The developer of this reboot, Starbreeze, believes that Syndicate should be a FPS because “time has moved on.” I understand wanting to “keep up with the times,” but that’s different than merely doing what’s popular. With the technological capabilities of current-gen consoles, one could probably make a very deep and satisfying tactical experience that updates the gameplay of the original, instead of discarding it altogether.

Admittedly, I can’t fault Starbreeze with wanting to make as much money as possible but, unless it is exceptionally brilliant, it will get overlooked in the vast sea of FPSs out there. Instead, if they decided to go the route of a tactical strategy game, it wouldn’t be as difficult to get the consumer’s attention.

A review for the Jaguar port of the classic PC game will be coming soon.

– Furry Senpai Mikekun

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