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The trials and tribulations of a n00b PC Gamer

January 24, 2012 2 comments

So a few months ago I found myself standing in line at Gamestop. I was next but the kid in front of me was taking awhile, so another associate hopped on a register to help me. As I happily reserved my copies of Syndicate and Metro: Last Light, I looked over at my right at the little troublemaker and his mother.

The kid had to have been no more than ten years old. He was holding a new¬†Xbox 360, Call of Duty MW3, and was begging his quickly-conceding mother for a headset. A few things went through my mind… for one thing, when I was his age I was lucky enough to own Mortal Kombat for the Genesis, but was strictly forbidden from EVER using the blood-code or using fatalities. Parents were legitimitely scared of games like that and Night Trap, but since then games have become much more realistic and parents much more lax, but I digress. Read more…