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“PawPrints” – Furry Senpai’s Comic Pulls for May 23

Hi everyone,

Here’s a recap of my pickups for this week: Prophet #25, MIND MGMT #1, and Youngblood #71.  Remember, my rating does not necessarily reflect the comic’s quality (although that is taken into consideration) but rather it’s a gauge of my overall interest in the story being told.

5 = Excellent thus far, and will definitely pick up the next issue if/when available.

4 = Pretty good, the series has got my complete interest. Recommend staying with this series.

3 = If I see the next issue on shelves, I might give it  thumb-through. I’m Mildly interested.

2 = Has some good points but I didn’t find the story too interesting/I feel nothing for the characters.

1 = I wasted my money!

0 = I will BURN every copy I find!!!

Also, I am always careful to avoid spoilers as much as possible.

Prophet #25

I really want to like this comic, I really do. However, and I will sound like a broken-record here, I still have no idea what is going on. This is pretty bad when you recall that I’m the one who defended and can make sense of the Ultimate Warrior comics.

As with the previous issues, Prophet excels at portraying alien technology, other-wordly environments, and strange extraterrestrial creatures. It all LOOKS very epic, and incredibly original, but the storytelling just isn’t there yet. This issue appears to have hardly anything to do with the previous one, and the same goes for the one before. Based on that, the reader has no guarantee that the final pages of this issue (where it starts to make SOME sense) will tie into the next issue in any significant way.

From what I’ve heard, I am not the only one that’s confused. It is a shame that Prophet is taking so long to get itself running. I will pass on the next few issues, and perhaps peek back in later. Hopefully, by then, Prophet’s story would have developed some more and have a comprehensible plot.

I don’t want to drop it altogether just yet. Despite its lack of a clear plot, Prophet remains one of the most unique titles (for better or worse) on shelves today.

Prophet #25 – Two out of Five



I really do not know where to begin with this book; it is rare to find a comic that does everything so well. Perhaps what I find so amazing is how, in its 22 pages, MIND MGMT’s story not only gets off the ground, but it twists, turns, and engages the full attention of the reader while keeping them mostly in the dark. I sincerely wish other books did this much, this well, within so few pages.

In the book, an entire airplane of people inexplicably lose their memory.  Meru, a struggling mystery writer and unfortunate passenger of said flight, decides to look for answers as to what happened for material for her next book. The more she digs, the more questions both she, and the reader, are presented with. By the end of issue 1 the reader is left not only confused, but also questioning the motives of everyone from supposed CIA agents to even the narrator!

Matt Kindt’s watercolor art compliments the mind-bending story in an interesting way. I may be reaching here, but I noticed how the loose watercolor art appeared barely contained within dark roughly-sketched lines. In this way,  the colors appear as if, at any moment, they will overflow from the individual items on the page, and completely change the picture.

This presents an interesting way to look at reality in general. In real life a person’s environment is given order through their memories. For example, without  the memories of what a “chair” “desk” and “computer” are, that person’s environment will appear radically different, as those items will no longer appear confined to those preconceived forms. “Memory,” here is key, as it is the main plot element at work here. As memories are questioned more, everything begins to change.

More please!

MIND MGMT #1 – 5 out of 5

Youngblood #71

And now for something completely different…

When I heard that Image was relaunching their premier “Extreme” titles, we all knew what this meant: “More Youngblood!” I really couldn’t wait, frankly. I’m well aware of the most common complaints with Youngblood (and Liefeld in general), but believed that Youngblood could definitely deliver if it addressed its obvious faults and made some tweaks to its tongue-in-cheek presentation.

Unfortunately, not a lot has changed. The characters all behave like dumb teenagers and the women of the team are still suffering from the back problem known as “Liefeld’s Disease.”  The most likable character,by far, is Shaft’s replacement, dubbed “Not Shaft.” He comes across as a much-needed voice of reason, although he is portrayed as the archetypal “boring & by the book” team leader.

Also, I am all for free expression and sexuality and all of that but seriously… when is Vogue NOT announcing to everyone how horny she is? That is really all she brings to this issue; what an absolute waste of text! Remember how I mentioned MIND MGMT did so much with so few pages? Yongblood #71 is an example of the opposite. There’s plenty of text, but the characterization is sooo shallow that it never builds to anything significant.

Critics have, and will, rightly pan this. However, I will give Youngblood some slack. There was a lot of pressure for it to conform (by being GOOD), but it didn’t. It stays true to the original, and them some, much to the pleasure of the die-hard fans, and to the pain of the rest of us. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the occasional comic that boasts simple dumb-fun; I’ve enjoyed Bloodstrike so far.

Here, the “dumb” outweighs the “fun” too much for me.

I’m really yearning for more Glory now – a reboot done right.

Youngblood #71 – One out of Five 

That’s it for this week,

– Furry Senpai

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