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When I realized America Was Gone

Warning: Political Rant – Sorry guys, but I really need to vent

Hey everyone,

I apologize again. After the election, I’m sure all of you are absolutely sick with the politics. I’m right there with you, believe me.

However, a few things lately have hit a nerve.

After Obama’s 2012 victory, many Romney supporters were quick to gripe how this “Wasn’t OUR country anymore!” and “The America that we knew and loved is dead! Prepare for the New America! One of Entitlement, not opportunity.”

This bothered me a bit for a number of reasons. I found it alarming how the media kept feeding the fire as Americans became further divided along political, economic, social, and racial lines. However I just chalked it up to the sour grapes of some, and figured the violent rhetoric would eventually stop as cooler (RATIONAL!) heads prevailed.

Fast forward to today, and the news that numerous states across America started petitioning to secede.

Funny how these “Hard working Americans” that are so bitter against the “entitled masses” feel they deserve another country just because their candidate didn’t win. If they cool down, I’m sure they’ll realize that Obama is ultimately leading them in the same exact direction as Romney – Globalization and Bankruptcy. I am very much in favor of Popular Sovereignty, just so long as those demanding it KNOW what they’re asking for.

Now before you stop reading, please let me reassure you that I’m not typing this to write about the election, nor globalization. And while I did vote, I’m not going to bother explaining for who and why.

No.. I’m writing about when I first realized that the America of our Founding Fathers had completely vanished. I guarantee that you probably won’t be able to guess when this moment was. In fact, you might even hate me for it, but please hear me out.

“Was it with Clinton lying under oath?” Psh, please.

“Was it when Bush lied to the American people about Iraq?” Hahaha, no… although I was worried by the “Ends DO justify the Means” mentality of some citizens at this time.

Then we started thinking that perhaps the Patriot Act was a good idea, and torture was not only necessary but RIGHT in some cases. Perhaps this was my warning…

“Then what did it?”

I realized that America was completely Lost when Osama Bin Laden was killed, by how we reacted.

“What do you mean Furry Senpai? You think it was a conspiracy?”

No. It is just as I said. I realized that America was Lost the moment we got news about Bin Laden’s death.

You remember how it was delivered, right? It was broadcast not only on the news, but in sporting events across the country. And what did we do when we heard that the son of a bitch was dead? We Cheered! Oh man did we cheer. Hell, many of us downright PARTIED! BOOM! HEADSHOT BITCH?! RIGHT?!

It was then that I realized we became a nation that believes “It’s Okay to Celebrate Death” What’s more, I realized that people were no longer concerned with Thinking, not nearly as much as Feeling. This just makes it all too easy for sycophants to voice short-term solutions to our major problems by the way… and makes crappy television like Jersey Shore possible.

Yes I understand that Bin Laden was a detestable excuse for a human being, but he still should have been brought to Justice. Granted, I will admit that if I had Bin Laden in my cross-hairs with orders to “Take him alive,” I might sorta be tempted to sneeze and “accidentally” pull the trigger 15-20 times….30 times… empty the magazine… reload..

However, I wouldn’t expect American men, women, and children to cheer, dance, and laugh at the news that this person had Died. There are terrible people out there that DO celebrate death but, I thought, We were different.

Especially those of us that proudly call this nation a “Christian Nation.” I was, at one time, disposed to agree. The belief that Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are UNIVERSAL, UNALIENABLE, and SELF-EVIDENT rights that mirror the fundamentals of Christianity pretty well.

However, now I wonder just how many Americans know what that means, or where this philosophy came from. I also wonder how people somehow miss “Love your enemy,” but are quite clear on the parts in Leviticus on hating homosexuals. Lastly, I wonder just how many of us have seriously thought what it means to really be a Virtuous rational person.

Now it seems like none of us want to be individuals. We want to have “sides,” and divide up eachother between Us and them. Either way you slice it, that day America came across NOT as a beacon of Virtue, Justice, and Freedom to the rest of Humanity, but rather as a bunch of  dumb sheeple that “Bah” on command.

…And this, right here, was the fuckin’ cherry on top:

“Hahahaha!” You get it?! They found Porn on his computer!! Let’s all point and laugh at the Dead Guy! HAHAHA- FUCK YOU!

Cincinnatus Pellic 

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