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When I realized America Was Gone

November 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Warning: Political Rant – Sorry guys, but I really need to vent

Hey everyone,

I apologize again. After the election, I’m sure all of you are absolutely sick with the politics. I’m right there with you, believe me.

However, a few things lately have hit a nerve. Read more…

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Connecticon 2012!

Sorry, I know I missed a few weeks of PawPrints. I have just been so busy preparing for ConnectiCon! This weekend I’ll be kicking it in Hartford. Stay tuned for tales of all my misadventures as I show furry pride, game, buy awesome stuff, read comics, and chill with Doug Walker.

See ya there

Furry Senpai!

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Saving Gobble-con!

November 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Hi everyone,

Gobble-con was painfully bitter-sweet this year. I had fun, but the turnout was awful. So much so that Gobble-con is now in dire financial trouble. It looks doubtful there will be a third convention… unless something awesome happens soon.

So we have set up a cafepress, full of awesome Gobble-con swag:
At least have a look, and see how you can get in on being a part of saving this convention. I figure almost all of my readers have at least attended a con, and that’s all well and awesome, but it is entirely different feeling knowing that you have actively taken part in your fandom by proactively supporting a local convention.Local cons, like Gobble-con, are the answer to the increasingly corporate nature of bigger cons, and if you’re like me and gag at the mere site of MTV at conventions, then you owe it to yourself to take part in this.

I really WANT this con to come back, and want it to be bigger and better than before. There is an almost tangible “familial” aura to it that is simply not possible with bigger anime cons. It’s nice knowing the staff by name, and knowing they are doing it for the right reasons. They all have worked tirelessly to make fellow fans feel welcome, but their defeated expressions on Sunday evening were truly heart-wrenching. The issues caused by the poor turnout has drastically affected the staff both financially and personally.

If you’ve enjoyed Gobblecon either last year or this year, then please give back. Or if you simply like attending cons run purely (emphasis on PURELY, not a Gamestop/MTV/HBO/etc logo in sight) by fans for fans, then please help out.

Oh and btw….

If it does come back, please please please NOT in f’n Stamford. My GPS had a really difficult time locating the hotel, and Sunday I almost rage-quitted on going as I got hopelessly lost, struggling to manuver around roadblock after roadblock because of some silly parade and the construction being done in the area.

Again, link is here:

Let’s keep this great con alive.

– Furry Senpai Mikekun

Support Gobble-con!

November 20, 2011 2 comments


Recently I lamented about my experience at NY Comic Con. Again, to briefly reiterate, it wasn’t that it was a bad con, far from it. It was the epitome of what a “mega-con” should look like, which is all well and good, but for claustrophobic shy people like yours truly, it simply isn’t for them.

Instead I prefer smaller cons with staff that actually give a shit. For their second year, the Gobble-con staff has pulled it together to provide people with a con that has that “communal” spirit that’s so woefully lacking with the big boys. I just got back from day two, and really enjoyed myself thus far. Everything I wanted to do/see, I was able to do, and staff frequently circulated to help out us vendors/press/artists. I am especially grateful for the opportunity I had today to interview Tiffany Grant, the voice of Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion. This was indeed a dream, if I were to go back in time and tell my teenage self that I’d someday sit and chat, in person, with Asuka’s English voiceactor, I wouldn’t have believed it. She was a spectacular interview, and we discussed a number of Eva related things, while touching on some other areas of her lengthy professional resume, from other voice acting roles, script writing, and recent independent film projects. Be sure to look for it in our Spring Issue.

      Now I really wish that I could say that everything is going well for the staff of Gobble-con… oh how I wish I could honestly say that. I remember the heartfelt ending ceremony of last year, and how thrilled the Gobblecon staff was at the sterling turnout for their first year. This year, anticipating an even higher turnout, they moved from Milford to Stamford, into a location more suitable for their estimated attendance.


Sadly, the attendance this year has not been nearly as great as last year. Matters have been made worse by the douche-baggery of the hotel in charging the Gobble-con staff with extraordinary fees that were not made contractually explicit This means… that this could be Gobble-con’s final year. Everyone here at Senpai hopes that this isn’t so. We began our revolution at Gobble-con last year, as it was our very first con as a company. They gave us a shot when no other con would, and we’ve been extremely grateful to this day.


Senpai Magazine's very first con, at Gobble-con 2010.


So how can you help? Simple. Hopefully you see this sometime Sunday morning, and are up for some fun at a relatively local con. You can register at the hotel and have an awesome Sunday, Granted, registering at a con can be a pain due to lines, but I can assure you that there will NOT be a line at all… sadly.

The address: 2701 Summer St. Stramford CT. Go there, play some games (MK, Call of Duty, UMvC3, and more) for prizes, play pachinko, check out a panel or two from Tiffany Grant or Rob Axelrod (voice of THE Lord Zedd of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), and troll us ^^

If nothing else, check out their site:, and contact them directly with what you’d like to see in your ideal con. They read all of their email and are extremely attentive to the fanbase. Or, if you were at the first gobble-con, post in your facebook/twitter your favorite gobble-con memory.


Gobble-con is a very rare type of con. It is limited in its size and resources, but has plenty of heart. Unfortunately, it may be dying before it ever really got going. As fans, we simply cannot allow this to happen. I apologize for the rambling nature of this post, it’s 1:30 am, im really really tired, but needed to rant some before bed.

Goodnight everyfur,

– Furry Senpai Mikekun

Off to Gobblecon!

November 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Just a quick note. I’ve been really busy lately, three jobs plus this magazine so I havent been able to update as much as I’d like.

Going to Gobble-con now! Will have a post-con update when it’s over.

Stay Furry,

Furry Senpai Mikekun

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Review: Chakan the Forever Man #1

September 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Hi everyone!

The other day I was at the comic store and was asked by another patron what I’m currently reading. I told him that I’ve been loving Rachel Rising (review coming VERY soon) and been enjoying the mindless fun of the current Duke Nukem Glorious Bastard comics. After describing what Rachel Rising was, he recommended some Marvel titles to me, to which I replied that I simply was not interested.

It’s not that I hate Marvel comics, on the contrary I’m a HUGE Punisher and Nightcrawler (is he still dead?) fan. My problem with Marvel is its fragmented storytelling, which is nothing new. I’m a firm believer in keeping it simple, and gradually developing the story towards some goal. Granted, that kind of focused story-telling is nearly impossible in the vast Marvel universe, and it’s an issue the industry has attempted to tackle through numerous reboots and spinoffs that have just resulted in more consumer confusion.

Also, I have a strong distaste for the “over produced” look of many current comics. I’m not saying they’re “ugly,” but when I see some of these current-gen comics with all sorts of fancy computer-generated colors and shapes, it produces a kind of visual over-saturation. In other words, if everything is made to look so incredibly eye-popping, nothing really sticks out, which culminates in a rather bland visual experience. The simplest remedy to this is rather old-school: carefully detailed black and white art.
This is a large part of the reason why I hold Chakan the Forever Man in such high regard.

Read more…

September updates: Ranting on Record of Agarest War and Syndicate

September 15, 2011 1 comment

Hey everyone,

In my last post I mentioned I would be reviewing Chakan: The Forever Man the graphic novel. I still intend to do that, although after writing the game review, I noticed I more or less hit on the major points of the story. So the review, when it comes, will be pretty short.

Record of Agarest War

Now as for game reviews… a few months ago I picked up Record of Agarest War: Zero to play when I finished the first game, Record of Agarest War. My plan was to complete and review both games over the summer, but that hasn’t happened yet… I actually haven’t even played Zero yet since I’m still on Record of Agarest War.  Read more…

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